HYPER-3D RING SAW 370 mm Diamond Blade


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The latest technology in concrete cutting the Kyper RING SAW is a 370mm Laser Welded Professional use concrete cutting blade for use in wet applications on a hand held ring saw machine. With diamensions of 370mm this blade is manufactured as an OEM specifically for the Husqvana K6500, Husqvana K 3600 MK II  Husqvana K970 Ring Machines. It has an exceptionally cutting depth of 270 mm, twice the amount of a traditional power cutter. It has a high cutting capacity, can make deep cuts from one side and is the quickest method for small and medium-sized cuts, as no time is lost on installing rails. The HYPER 3D ARRAY Diamond segment technology allows 50% faster cutting and 20% longer life span of the blade resulting in a fast, smooth, clean cut for hard re-enforced concrete.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 4 × 410 × 410 cm

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